Providence Classical School Graduates to Advanced Phone System [Video]

By Michael Kienzle

Summer may be upon us, but schools everywhere still depend on a good communications solution year-round, especially when transitioning to a new campus during summer break. That was the case for Providence Classical School. After purchasing a building in one of Huntsville, Alabama’s renowned historic districts, the small private school faced the significant challenge of having to research, acquire, and deploy a VoIP phone system for the campus by the beginning of the new school year.  A school year that would start in six weeks!

To further complicate matters, the historic building’s legacy infrastructure was a mess. A solid site survey performed on the 1938 building unveiled three generations of partially working cabling technology with approximately ten subsystems. The partially working subsystems were based on 1990’s technologies. Fortunately, the school’s administration had a knowledgeable support team to help, and Digium’s Switchvox phone system simplified the transition to a new solution. 

Learn how a team of parent volunteers successfully advanced this telephony situation with their decision to choose a flexible business phone system, with advanced Unified Communications features, that fulfilled (and exceeded) their PBX needs.

Watch the video now. 

Every school district, college campus, and education system has unique needs.  Learn more about how the benefits of using mobile applications, dedicated conference rooms, and other advanced APIs take communications beyond the classroom.

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