On Target with Digium Partners: Monarque Telecom

By Judie Powell

Monarque Telecom is the focus of our latest Digium Partner Spotlight series. Monarque Telecom is a Digium Select Partner located in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. The company has offered Digium solutions since 2012, and it is a Digium Pinnacle Award recipient.

We invite you to get to know Monarque Telecom through this brief Q&A with Stephane St-Onge, founder of Monarque Telecom. We asked him about servicing their customers, business technology trends, and what it’s like to be a partner with Digium.  

Q: Tell us about one of your recent customer’s who deployed Switchvox.  Why did they choose Switchvox?

A: The Madysta Group has expanded significantly in recent years. The customer installed the Switchvox system in VMware mode to provide telephony to more than 12 offices in Eastern Canada. The customer chose Switchvox for its ease of use and system stability; and chose Monarque Telecom as we are known for our excellent service.


Q: What do you like most about Digium:

A: Digium offers excellent support to its resellers. Our representative is always available and visits us 2 to 3 times a year. The products are of very high quality and very stable. Digium is always ahead of the market with new products and services. We chose Digium in 2012, and we don’t regret our choice. We only sell Digium products in our company.


Q: What excites you most when working with customers?

A: Digium products are simple and efficient. With Digium it is easy to meet the needs of our customers. Customers are always surprised at the quality of the products and their flexibility.


Q: What are customers most interested in regarding types of solutions?

A: Cloud solutions and rental of equipment.


Q: Having been in the industry for a long while, what are some of the biggest changes you’re seeing with customers/technology today compared to the past 5-10 years?

A: Today the market is changing. We are turning to turnkey solutions in cloud, Customers want services that include everything they need (phone lines, update, technical support, etc.). Customers want to buy less servers.


Q: Why do you like being a part of Digium’s Channel Program?

A: Digium support, quality products, customer references (lead) and the proximity we have with our representative. We truly feel that Digium helps us to develop our company and market … Digium is more than supplier to us …. it is our partner.



Stephane St-Onge began his career in 1987 as a telecommunications technician with Bell Canada. He opened his first telephony business in 1995 with Nortel Networks and Mitel Networks. In 1999 he bought the largest Internet provider in Trois-Rivieres, bringing his businesses to nearly 40 employees. With the Internet provider and the telephone company, Mr.St-Onge established in 2003, one of the first hosted telephony services in Canada. In 2007, Mr.St-Onge’s businesses were purchased by the competition.

In 2008, Mr.St-Onge set up Monarque Telecom and began its activities as a telecommunications consultant. In 2012, Monarque Telecom set up a hosted telephony service using Switchvox solutions and began selling Switchvox products in On-Premise mode. From 2012 to 2017, the clientele has continued to grow. The company now has more than 300 active customers with more than 5000 phones installed. Monarque Telecom exclusively sells Switchvox products and has developed a very great expertise on these products.

The reliability, stability and flexibility of Switchvox products as well as the very good customer service of Monarque Telecom are the basis of the success of Monarque Telecom.

To learn more about Digium’s Partner Program, visit our website!

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