Call Logs and Call History: The Power They Can Provide

By Matthew Hilton

Call Logs and Call History

It’s time for your history lesson – your call history lesson. In terms of business phone system features, ‘call history’ doesn’t have the panache of a feature like Call Rules, Presence, or multi-party conferencing, for example. But accessing detailed call logs and call history can be a very helpful tool for administrators and employees alike.

Unlike many phone systems of the past, where call history detail was limited to administrators, to advanced key-press or “star code” functionality, or worse yet, not available at all, Switchvox makes advanced call history and call log information available to everyone. And it’s easily obtainable from a simple web-user interface.

With Caller ID becoming more and more of a standard feature and less of an “option” for businesses to sign up to receive, it is increasingly helping callers to follow up with coworkers, business associates, and yes, even Aunt Mae who always forgets to leave her phone number for you.  For end -users, having quick access to call logs makes it simple to determine exactly when someone called and more importantly, provides (where applicable) Caller ID or callback phone number information. And for administrators, call logs have this becomes an invaluable asset when diagnosing or troubleshooting caller-experience issues.

Whether someone has reported static, echo, or other potential line-quality issues, or if someone is complaining that it took them too long to reach someone else, having detailed call log information readily available that shows the exact call path is an amazing troubleshooting tool.  For example, it’s possible to see exact location and duration of call details, in an easy-to-read format. One call history might show the folllowing: Call came in on Line 1 from XYZ Company, went to the Main Auto Attendant for 10 seconds, was transferred to the Sales queue where it was for 5 seconds, was answered by Joe, Joe talked to caller for 5 minutes, Joe hung up the call.

Here’s an example of what it looks like using Switchvox:

Switchvox call logs




Next Steps

Curious to see how call logs can further assist your administrator’s troubleshooting capabilities, help your users recall Aunt Mae’s phone number and more?

Check out our Switchvox features in detail!

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