Open Source Asterisk 15 Released

By Malcolm Davenport

Today marks the launch of Asterisk 15, the next great release of Asterisk.  Asterisk 15 continues in the line of previous major releases, such as Asterisk 13 and Asterisk 14.  Where previous releases of Asterisk have each offered a multitude of new features, Asterisk 15 is laser-focused on delivering on major new capability – the most significant addition to Asterisk since it added SIP calling support more than a decade ago.  Asterisk 15 makes it easy to create multi-party video conferencing.

To do this, many changes have been made.

Asterisk has continued to embrace the technologies offered by the WebRTC movement. Asterisk 15 now supports RTCP Multiplexing and BUNDLE, both of which more easily allow connections to traverse NAT routers and firewalls, and to reduce call setup times.  To better facilitate SDP negotiation with WebRTC capable endpoints, Asterisk 15 also supports Unified Plan.

In supporting Unified Plan, Asterisk’s underlying bridging core has been improved to support multiple media streams per connection.  This is important, because Asterisk’s long-used audio conferencing application, Confbridge, has been extended to handle these streams; in particular, video streams.  Now, utilizing Confbridge, a user may connect a number of WebRTC capable endpoints, such as the Cyber Mega Phone 2000 demo client, and have an impressively-easy to set-up multi-party video conference.

Asterisk, with its existing support for an array of communications technologies, is the ideal developer toolkit for building not only audio-conferencing solutions, but now scalable multiple-party video collaboration solutions as well.  We invite you to take Asterisk for a spin.

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