Evaluating Touchscreen IP Phones: Digium’s D80 Gets Approval

By Matthew Hilton

Since introducing our Digium D80 touchscreen IP phone earlier this year, the product has received plenty of accolades from customers, as well as industry experts. In addition to the sleek, completely touch-driven screen and impressive functionality, the attractive price point is also a show-stealer. But when a new product, like the D80 touchscreen phone, is getting ready to hit shelves, we want to make sure it’s truly a solid fit for our customers. Malcolm Davenport, Digium’s Senior Project Manager overseeing the phone’s rollout, provides his take on what goes into evaluating touchscreen IP phones, specifically the new D80.

Interview with the Senior Project Manager

In this episode of Digium Live, I sit down with Malcolm as he reveals the source of his “internal barometer” for gauging a new product’s worthiness and collecting critical user feedback. He also discusses how one very special customer was among the first to use the Digium D80 phones.

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Ready to start evaluating touchscreen IP phones for yourself? You can see a complete overview of the D80 in thisvideo walkthrough of the IP phone.   You can also find more information from Malcolm about the most recent firmware updates for the D80 – including details on the use of Bluetooth® headsets, and localization, administrative, usability and provisioning updates.

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