Call Center Moves from Open Source IP PBX to Switchvox

By Michael Kienzle

When you’re one of the leading companies supplying products to apartment complexes and multi-family housing builders across the midwest and southeast, you need an efficient call center.  This is especially true when your motto is “Your product, our truck, next day.” Chadwell Supply is known for taking orders and shipping supplies next-day to job sites and the company relies on having a powerful but cost-effective phone system to keep its call center running smoothly.

Replacing an Open Source IP PBX

As a long-time family-owned business, the company initially built its phone system using Asterisk, the leading open source telephony project. Everything about the system was custom-built. As the company grew, they decided to update the system with a simple, easier-to-use solution. Specifically, Chadwell Supply wanted a system with the advanced features needed for a call center, but that was also simple for its customer service agents to use to manage their call queues, efficiently.

What was the best phone system for Chadwell Supply’s contact center? Digium’s Switchvox solution with advanced Unified Communications (UC) – it was also the most affordable for the company.

See Why Chadwell Supply Chose Switchvox

In this video, the IT Lead for Chadwell Supply, Alex Sorochinski, discusses moving from a custom built phone system using open source Asterisk, to Switchvox and the benefits of the new phone system. It’s important to point out that Digium is the creator and maintainer of the Asterisk open source project. Switchvox is also Digium’s out-of-the-box, ready to deploy office phone system which is based on Asterisk.

Watch the video now:

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