A Better Appliance But Not Quite BB8

By Matthew Hilton

Meet the Switchvox E520

We’re not yet facing an intergalactic war, nor do we have Androids or humanoids living amongst us (at least not of the Star Wars caliber). So, we haven’t rolled out the next BB8, or even R2D2.  Digium did release another new Switchvox appliance, the E520. While its smaller counterpart, the Switchvox E510, is impressive, wait until you get a load of this guy, ‘er appliance!

A Powerful, Energy-efficient Appliance

Today’s businesses are increasingly looking to ‘green up’ their infrastructures and lighten their day-to-day operating costs, all while continuing to embrace mobile and global workforces. That means on-premise infrastructure is still critical, but getting smaller in footprint.  Let that settle in for a moment.  You read that correctly.  While the footprint, energy consumption, and sheer volume of devices in data centers continues to shrink drastically, each device in the data center is expected to be more agile, optimized, utilized and of course, cost-effective.

applianceFollowing this trend is the well-equipped, energy-efficient, powerful E520 Switchvox Appliance.  While weighing less than 6lbs and being roughly the size of a good paperback novel, the E520 still is a prime time, competition-worthy contender in the on-premise PBX space.  With support for up to 300 phones and 100 concurrent calls this powerhouse really showcases just how robust a phone system can be, without racks and racks of equipment and add-on modules.

Better Together

Of course, the E520 isn’t a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution until its bundled with the award-winning Switchvox software. A complete Switchvox solution includes all the advanced UC features of its enterprise brethren, but is simple to use and comes in at a cost even very small businesses can afford.  The E520 appliance is powerful enough to let your business enjoy multi-tiered Auto-Attendants, Visual Voicemail, Mobility options such as advanced Call Rules, Softphones and Call Queues with full functionality as well.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our overview video that features the E520 as well as the other appliances in our new E-Series lineup and let us show you how Switchvox can reinvigorate and optimize how your business communicates.

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