New Analog Gateway for Complete End-to-End VoIP Solution

By Malcolm Davenport

Digium is renown for our telephony interface cards.  Without humble bragging, the low-cost telephony board revolution, which began in 2001, exists because of Digium.  If you’ve been a board customer, whether to build your own custom telephony solution, or because you needed to attach Switchvox to the PSTN, we thank you.

Despite the revolution starting 16 years ago, did you know that a substantial portion of our premises-based Switchvox installations still utilize PSTN connectivity?  Perhaps learning that half of our installations still utilize some form of analog or digital connectivity might surprise you.  Or, if you live in an area that’s currently under-served by SIP connectivity, it might not.

These PSTN-to-Switchvox connections are served primarily by Digium’s add-in telephony cards – they plug into PCI or PCI-Express slots in Switchvox appliances.  Recently, Digium has launched a new line of Switchvox appliances that are significantly less expensive, and offer greater management and capacity capabilities, at the expense of those add-in card slots – there aren’t any.

There’s also a sizable portion of our new Switchvox installations that are being deployed for VMware®.  One of the most  compelling feature of using a virtualized Switchvox, the ability to migrate the system between bare metal servers – for dealing with failed hardware or hardware maintenance windows – makes it inherently incompatible with dedicated add-in telephony cards.

Today, Digium is pleased to announce the launch of a new gateway product.  This new analog (FXO/FXS) gateway complements our existing digital (E1/T1) gateway products and provides compelling integration with our award-winning Switchvox business phone system.  The new analog gateway provides 8 ports of analog capability and come in three different port configurations:

  • 8 ports FXO (trunk)
  • 8 ports FXS (station)
  • 4 ports FXO (trunk) + 4 ports FXS (station)

Each configuration is priced at $895 USD, MSRP.

This gateway provides a new “Interconnect” capability that allows it, like Digium’s telephones, to discover local Switchvox systems.  Interconnect:

  • Saves time
  • Reduces the need for specialized knowledge
  • Eliminates setup errors

Upon discovery and Interconnection with Switchvox, Digium’s gateway automatically sets up SIP connectivity (endpoints and call routing rules) for trunking calls (voice and fax) to/from the PSTN using FXO ports.  For gateway units featuring FXS ports, the Interconnect process automatically maps analog ports on the gateway to SIP endpoints on Switchvox, again creating all endpoints and necessary call routing rules.

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