Give Kudos to Your IT Team in this Season of Giving

By Matthew Hilton

As a US-based company, Digium is in the middle of our prime holiday season.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year, and all the other holidays in-between – this is a busy time. It’s also a time for giving thanks, personal reflection, and of course, gift giving.   Some folks donate to charity, others give their time to help support local food banks, toy drives, or homeless shelters. And many employees take some well-earned time off to just relax and recollect. But while many of us are relaxing, it’s often the IT team that is making sure everything back at the office is running smoothly during the holiday season.

Yes,  it can be very hectic for IT personnel and phone-system administrators.  They’re often the ones making sure that calls don’t go unanswered and that critical voicemails aren’t left unattended.  They’re busy verifying that those who need coverage, or forwarding of their lines to coworkers, have done it correctly.   It can be quite the adventure.

While it’s wind-down time for most employees, many in IT are just gearing up.  In addition to the holiday-maintenance-mode items, they’re also getting ready for the next big project of the New Year.  They may even be taking advantage of the holiday ‘down time’ within their company to implement a new technology, making sure it’s primed and ready to go when the rest of us return to the office.

Of course, here at Digium, we’re thankful for each and every customer, client, partner, vendor and employee, who continue to make Digium the absolute best company to be a part of.  But I’d like to give a personal shout-out to the IT team – and encourage you to do the same in your office.

So, in the spirit of the season, remember to give your IT guys and Phone Admins a little thanks.  Whether it’s a high-five in passing, an quick email, or a genuine, in-person ‘thank you,’ just let them know you appreciate what they do for you and your organization year-round.

And if your company is looking for a new phone system, that will make your jobs enjoyable, remember Switchvox.  It’s the phone system you want, without the complexity or cost of the ‘other big guys’.

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