Digium Channel Program: Year in Review and Ready for 2018

By Judie Powell

2017 has been an exciting year! The highlight for me has been working directly with so many partners in our growing channel program. It’s been particularly beneficial to get feedback on the types of programs and resources the partners want and need to help expand their businesses. And it’s been personally rewarding to be able to provide many of those resources (and then some!). I’d like to share not only examples of those programs that our Digium team has worked hard to develop, but also some highlights from our channel partners, as well.

Throughout the year, we’ve been keeping our video production team busy spotlighting our both resellers and their customers.  We have worked together this year to produce our very first group of video case studies, like this one from Chadwell Supply. We are looking forward to doing more of these in 2018.

We also had the opportunity to video 15 of our partners for our new Partner Testimonial Spotlight series – here’s a sample from Keith Kelly of Creative Solutions.

I’m delighted to say that there was a common theme for each of those partner interviews when asked “Why do you like working with Digium.”  The first answer was almost always: “Digium is easy to do business with.” This was so refreshing to hear because our Digiumites (our team of employees at Digium) truly care about our partners and our customers, and put a lot of work into helping them be successful with our products and services.  Speaking of which, we have also worked this year to release new products (like our Switchvox E-Series appliances and new media gateways); simplify our pricing model; and continue to develop tools to ensure our partners succeed. 

Doug Moore, VP of Sales @ Logista Solutions said it best:

Being part of the Digium family,  being a partner of Digium, has been very helpful from a sales perspective.”  

Doug explains that his team at Logista Solutions knows they can “put their reputation on the line with a client” and feel comfortable telling the client, “This solution will do everything that you need it to do.” Doug and his team also really appreciate the fact that Digium is founded on Asterisk, and says, “Asterisk provides a firm foundation for which to build from.”

Some of the changes we encountered this year came from outside our organization. In 2017, we saw the telephony market landscape change drastically. Companies filing for bankruptcy, vendors exiting the market completely, and acquisitions taking place. All had an impact on businesses this year and Digium has had the opportunity to partner with many of those resellers impacted. They have been excited to move forward with Digium and we couldn’t be happier! One of the best responses was from Unitel, a former Toshiba dealer, “ We became the areas Digium dealer and the months that followed have been a whirlwind of positive activity, and in the course of 6 months we have added sales and technical staff to our team to keep up..”

We are looking forward to the year ahead and continuing to work with both established partners, and new resellers. And we wish all of our friends in the channel a very productive and prosperous New Year.

Happy Holidays from Digium!

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Judie Powell

Judie Powell is the Channel Marketing Manager at Digium. She joined the company in 2008 and has held several positions supporting our channel. As Channel Marketing Manager, Judie is responsible for channel marketing and lead gen programs for Digium’s worldwide network of partners.

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