New Release of Switchvox Strengthens Mobility and Call Convergence Features

By Matthew Hilton

Did you know that Digium has released another exciting new release of Switchvox?  It’s true.  Switchvox version 6.6 takes the already popular features of Mobility and Call Convergence and makes them even stronger.

With Switchvox 6.6, every user can be paired with up to 5 total Digium devices, all under one license.   This allows every person in your company to utilize not just a single desk phone, but perhaps, multiple handsets at different locations (for example, you can use a Digium phone at home, in the office and the softphone when you’re on-the-go). And with the latest releases of Switchvox softphone for Android and iOS, with updated interfaces to match our award-winning D80 touchscreen phone, taking your business calls with you on-the-go has never been this simple or cost-effective.

Now, the power of Switchvox extends beyond one-to-one and truly enables your workforce to work where they want, when they want, and how they want.  

Switchvox also now comes with LDAP / Active Directory integration for authentication.  Use your LDAP or Active Directory password to access your web user suite.  It’s one less password to remember and one more way that Switchvox continues to make Unified Communications easy.

This version of Switchvox also offers a whole host of other small upgrades and enhancements for the best Unified Communications experience.  

Next Steps

To Learn More about Switchvox 6.6, including important information to read before upgrading, visit our FAQ.  

As always: Switchvox is not just a phone system, it’s a better way to communicate.

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