Asterisk World 2018: An Amazing Resource of Asterisk Enthusiasts

By David Duffett





I was chatting with long-time Asterisk Community member Nir Simionovich recently, asking some questions about a PHP AGI (and AMI) solution I was working on, and the subject of Asterisk World was mentioned. Nir presented an interesting idea.

“Let’s do an Asterisk ‘Hack Fest’ at Asterisk World 2018:
Tell people to come in with their funkiest Asterisk questions and problems, and we’ll try and answer their issues. Think about it; we have me, Dan Jenkins, Fred Posner, Corey and others – so we’re perfect for that.”

And when I thought about it, I couldn’t help but agree that Asterisk World 2018 will have a world-class set of Asterisk enthusiasts. These are all very Community-minded enthusiasts, to the extent that they would be pleased to look at questions and issues that people bring along.

Look at this list (in order of their speaking slots at Asterisk World): Chris Howard (Digium Training Manager), Simon Woodhead (Simwood), Dan Jenkins (Nimble Ape), and Nir Simionovich (Cloudonix). Rounding out this fantastic list is Fred Posner (LOD Communications/The Palner Group), Eric Klein (Cloudonix), Bachir Halimi (Speech Mobility), Diego Gosmar (XCALLY), and Corey McFadden (Voneto).

Within this incredible collection of people, do you realize that we represent a Carrier, Telco solution providers, Security specialists, mobile application developers, WebRTC specialists, Multi-channel contact providers, Web application developers, and large-scale solution providers – both at an Enterprise and Carrier level? All of this comes with love and appreciation of the wonderful gift that Mark Spencer, Digium, and the Community have given to the world for nearly 20 years – Asterisk!

And that is in addition to some key members of the team from Digium, who’ll be at Asterisk World too. If you would like to see details of the talks that this wonderfully experienced bunch of people will be delivering, then take a look at the schedule here.

Asterisk World is a rare opportunity not to be missed. Hear from people from around the world that have, regarding Asterisk, “been there and done it,” as they say.  Further, they are happy to share the lessons they have learned along the way.

And on top of all that, it’s in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which is not the worst local to occupy given the recent frigid temps in many spots. We look forward to seeing you there!


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