Introducing A-Series Phones for Asterisk

By Malcolm Davenport

While many people use Asterisk for its robust capabilities, others use it as a low or no-cost alternative to expensive, proprietary phone systems.  These customers need affordable, basic IP phones to complete their Asterisk-based systems.  To address this, Digium is please to announce a new line of affordable IP phones.  Starting as low as $59 per handset, Asterisk users on a budget can deploy quality desk phones, with the essential features they need, to connect to the outside world.

Digium’s new A-Series phones offer full-color displays, HD Voice, multi-line functionality, and quality components – at a price point lower than most of the competition.  The streamlined feature set of the A-Series phones provides IT personnel with a straightforward deployment and configuration process, which can be managed through an extensive web UI, or via remote configuration files.  With the A-Series phones, everyday users can enjoy the essential features they need to get their job done intuitively and efficiently.

Digium, as the creator and sponsor of the Asterisk project, is known for offering high-quality communications products.  The new A-series desk phones continue that tradition, offering Asterisk users a phone to complement their trusted open source communications solution.  Additionally, by buying a Digium product, each purchase of an A-Series phone helps to fund the Asterisk project, ensuring its longevity.

A-Series phones are available in the following configurations and suggested retail pricing:

A20 – 2.8 inch full-color screen with two lines, 100Base-T Ethernet, $59 USD
A22 – 2.8 inch full-color screen with two lines, 1000Base-T Ethernet, $89 USD
A25 – 2.8 inch full-color main screen, 2.4 inch full-color BLF screen, four lines, 1000Base-T Ethernet, $119
A30 – 4.3 inch full-color screen with six lines, 1000Base-T Ethernet, $159

Each A-series phone also supports Power over Ethernet, and is Electronic Hookswitch capable.

Units will begin shipping in March. Learn more, now.

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