Partner Spotlight: NSS

By Judie Powell

We like to spotlight Digium’s many trusted resellers and help our prospective customers get to know the partners who are certified to help them find a better communications solution with Digium products and solutions. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Network Services & Support, Inc. via this Q&A with the NSS team. 

Network Services & Support, Inc. (NSS) is a customer-focused reseller and integrator of today’s leading-edge IT and networking technologies, including VoIP phone systems and data network devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points. Its primary focus is VoIP and the core product portfolio features Digium solutions. Their corporate headquarters is located in Cummings Research Park in Huntsville, AL.  NSS has also been an award-winning Digium Pinnacle Partner for several years, including a recent win for the year ending 2016.

NSS offers award-winning the Digium Switchvox and Asterisk appliance-based VoIP phone systems with an integrated admin and end-user web GUI for small to mid-size business applications, all complete with color-display phones and the edge in support and service.

NSS Solutions include:

  • Award-winning Digium Switchvox UC solution and Asterisk PBX and Key System(s), PBX Installation and Maintenance
  • Automatic Call Distribution, IVR, Customized Call Queue Applications
  • Switchboard
  • Integrated Voice-Mail and Messaging with Find-Me, Follow-Me
  • Award Winning Digium Color-display IP Phones
  • Wireless Phones
  • Digium SoftPhone
  • Routing, Switching, and Wi-Fi Solutions

Tell us about one of your recent customers who deployed Switchvox.  Why did they choose Switchvox?

NSS recently installed a SwitchVox PBX and over 30 phones including the D80 color display phones at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. With a brand new state-of-the-art welcome center being built, with thousands of square feet of meeting and education space, the Huntsville Botanical Garden turned to community partners to help outfit their new facility with state-of-the-art technology. NSS installed a Switchvox Unified Communications solution that will grow with the garden and provide a platform that integrates paging, IVR, and voicemail presence, along with intuitive full-color, touch-screen IP phones. The phones are particularly intuitive, making it highly easy to use by the multiple volunteers and garden staff checking in visitors daily at the main welcome desk. Along with Wi-Fi installation of access points throughout the garden, the visitors now have free Internet via high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the garden. Coupling the voice and data into an integrated network with a longstanding integration partner in the community gave the CEO of the Huntsville Botanical Garden the peace of mind she desired to know her staff would have the help they needed to be trained, confident, and knowledgeable on the technology upon opening. This high-speed voice and data network offers garden visitors as well as the education outreach department and business users alike, one of the highest tech experiences in the nation from a Botanical Garden!

What do you like most about being a reseller for Digium:

NSS appreciates the marketing and support partnership we have with Digium. Our channel account manager is always readily available and willing to help us serve customers in an accurate, responsive manner. We are always able to get assistance with the entire selling, support, and marketing/customer service process from Digium. Having a vendor we can count on to be an extension of our business makes it worthwhile to lead with this vendor solution for our target markets.

What excites you most when working with customers?

Working with customers is exciting when you see the technology enhance their overall business and customer experience. Oftentimes, the phone system provides the first interface to a customer, allowing a person (or IVR) to deliver the first branding or impression to a customer. Working with our customers to enhance productivity or drive business goals for customer satisfaction is what makes the technology solutions worthwhile!

What are you seeing in your business?  What are customers most interested in?

At NSS we are seeing a definite uptick in SMBs investing in updates to their technology systems, in general. The trend toward the use of newer phones is now becoming more widely accepted as mobile devices have challenged the entire population to become more tech-savvy and connected. Phone systems – VoIP and Unified Communications – are more widely understood and the desire for enhanced networks to better support customers and business initiatives is on the rise.

Having been in the industry for a long while, what are some of the biggest changes you’re seeing with customers/technology today compared to the past 5-10 years?

Today, customers expect a much higher quality of service than they did even two or three years ago. They expect technology to be ‘always on’ and working with no downtime. Expectations for meeting business demands are higher than in the past. Communications features and phone enhancements that improve business productivity at all levels are of interest and are more widely sought after now than in the past decade.

Why do you like being a part of Digium’s Channel Program?

NSS enjoys the support extended to us by the Channel Program. Marketing solutions that we can use with our customers from business development opportunities to supporting after the sale are readily available. This is huge for a small company! Having a partner we can rely on with accurate updates, notifications and training material available make our sales job much easier in our market.


Scott Couch graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in 1995 with a degree in Computer Science. After leading a team of IT and engineering professionals at the global, high-tech telecommunications company, ADTRAN, Inc., for several years, he also spearheaded the network infrastructure buildout and grew an IT support team for the HudsonAlpha Biotechnology Institute in Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama (AL).  A true entrepreneur, Couch started his own business in 1998 with business partner and friend, Scott Cechovic. Their company, NSS, currently serves more than 300 businesses in Huntsville, and surrounding areas, with a team of 10 employees that hold more than 75 years of combined IT, Telecom, Voice/Data, Network Infrastructure, and customer support experience. NSS is a member of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce and thrives on local community involvement. Couch and his family reside in their hometown of Cullman, AL, where he also finds time to take an active roll in community, church, and sports activities, most recently serving as the Treasurer of the West Point Diamond Baseball Club, a personal love of he and his son!

In conjunction with Scott Couch, Scott Cechovic is Co-Owner and Lead Partner of NSS and is a critical component of their on-going success in the network infrastructure market. Cechovic is a 1987 graduate of the Purdue College of Computer and Electrical Engineering. He is a native of Indiana and has served in a breadth of engineering, programming, and leadership roles throughout his career. He started his career as a programmer for Mission Planning with Boeing, in Wichita, Kansas. He then made his way south, with Boeing, as a programmer on their Fiber-Optic Guided Missile (FOGM), until 1989.  From 1989-1994 he worked at Optimization Technology, in Huntsville, AL, as a programmer for their aerospace projects including the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile. From 1994-2007, Cechovic worked at ADTRAN, serving as their lead network IT architect and intersecting with co-worker and current business partner, Scott Couch. Cechovic’s technical expertise in network architecture, hardware and software programming, coding, application design, and his ability to innovate, are the hallmarks of his career footprint. Taking those skills into account, he joined Couch in the HudsonAlpha Biotechnology Institute endeavor, building one of the most advanced, highest-speed networks in Research Park in Huntsville, AL. Jointly starting NSS in 1998, Cechovic still serves as owner and Chief Technical Officer there today. His family resides in Madison, AL, with adult children and their families residing nearby, keeping him involved in his spare time!

Want to learn more about Digium’s Partnew Program?  Check out our website.

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