3 Ways Call Reporting Helps Managers Improve Call Center Customer Experience

By Mike Taylor

For call centers, or organizations with dedicated sales or support staff receiving and routing calls, call center customer experience is one of the most important aspects of success.

For instance, according to one report, for every 1% improvement in first call resolution (customer’s whose call is resolved on the first call), a call center reduces its operating costs by 1% and  for every 2% improvement in first call resolution there is a 1% improvement in call resolution which helps the call center retain customers.

In order to improve call center customer experience and resolution, it’s important to optimize as many areas of your call center as possible. One way to do that is to have the right call center tools in place so call center managers can better drive the effectiveness of the team.

One of the best tools call center managers can use to improve effectiveness is call reporting. So here are three ways effective reporting helps call center managers drive efficiency and productivity.

Simplify staffing

One thing call center managers often struggle with is staffing. It’s imperative that they know when to put more people on the phones and when to scale back.

Without detailed call reporting, call center managers are essentially left at the mercy of their best guess. The good news is, VoIP phone systems like Switchvox come with call reporting that give call center managers insight into when call traffic is at its peak and when it’s at its lowest. This empowers the call center manager to staff appropriately and with confidence, and it ensures that the team will be fully utilized while they’re working.

Ensure that calls are getting answered

Another issue many call center managers face is trying to determine how and why calls are going unanswered. They may feel confident that there are enough people to be able to handle the call volume coming in, but for unknown reasons, calls may still seem to be slipping through the cracks.

With call center reporting, you can get a better picture as to when, where, and how calls are going unanswered, allowing you to better address potential points of improvement within your organization.

Gain insight into who’s calling and what’s happening when they call

One of the biggest advantages a call center manager can have when it comes to managing and leading a team effectively is the ability to have a detailed picture of who’s calling and what exactly is happening to the calls when they come in.

When you have access to detailed customer-specific information both on a macro and micro level, and when you’re also able to see how well calls are being managed after they’ve been answered, then you can truly make well-informed decisions that improve your operation and serve your callers better.

It’s one thing to feel as though calls are being handled appropriately, but true value and growth potential can come from being able to see not only that they’re being answered appropriately, but that they’re also being handled well at all stages of the process.

Next Steps

Learn more about how to create the ultimate call center customer experience by taking a quick look at our free on-demand webinar Using Your Phone System to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Want to see a little more about how call reporting can make call center management easier? Check out our call reporting page.

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