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By Matthew Hilton

Telephones in schools are so prevalent and ubiquitous that most of us take their use for granted. Every day, faculty utilize their telephone systems for all manner of communication. Staff speak to parents and students, one another, and often times they even talk to coworkers in other facilities without thinking twice. Many schools also have integrated paging/intercom and bell systems that work in tandem with their phone systems for seamless communication and collaboration between students, staff, faculty, and guests.

Unfortunately for many facilities, however, their telephone systems are often extremely outdated, living on borrowed time, without warranty, and require costly routine maintenance just to keep the solution ‘working’. Public, private, charter, higher-education, and even training facilities are often times afraid to disrupt their tried-and-true solutions, despite the benefits that a modern UC Solution would provide. One of the largest benefits… cost savings in both the short and long term.

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If you work in or know anyone in the education field, today’s homework assignment is very simple but extremely useful. Join Digium and learn how modern UC systems benefit the education sector in a quick on-demand webinar. To view the webinar, click here and sign up now.

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