Crazy (Asterisk) Road Trip!

By David Duffett

Have you ever had the opportunity to combine something you have always wanted to do with something you already love?

Mark Spencer’s Great Idea

I am very privileged to be undertaking a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ road trip from Key West, FL to Anchorage, AK in July and the first part of August. If you were to drive it as straight as the road system allows, it would be 5,109 miles according to Google Maps.

If you were driving it straight-ish… But that’s not what I’m doing!!

But that is not my intention at all! I would like to see some of the sights, meet family and friends along the way, with a stop in Chicago.  My stop in Chicago will include my talk at ClueCon, and visits with some fine Open Source Community folk.

While talking with Mark Spencer about this trip, he suggested it might add to the fun to drop in on any large-scale, unusual or just plain crazy Asterisk implementations as I travel across the good ol’ US of A – and I thought WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

So that is what I’ll be doing; combining the road trip I’ve always wanted to do with the Open Source Communications Platform I love most.

Kind of like a Where’s Wally – but with Asterisk!

Road Trip Plan

Starting in Key West, FL on June 30, we (Holly, my 18-year-old daughter, and I) have 3 weeks to get to Chicago for ClueCon, and no fixed route to get there, so we will be winding around the lower 48 – and we could call in on YOU.

If you have an Asterisk implementation for me to see, and feature in a blog post, please either leave a comment on this post or email me at [email protected]

From ClueCon, we have around 2 weeks to get to Anchorage, so we’ll be driving through the Northern States of the US and then Canada to get to Alaska, and again I would love to drop by if you have some Asterisk for me to take a look at!

We head out of Anchorage on August 10 and, since this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we’ll be jumping on a cruise liner to see the glaciers, etc. on our way to Vancouver before traveling down to Seattle, WA to fly home to England.

This should give me plenty to talk about at AstriCon. If you’ve not registered for your AstriCon pass yet, you really should – at

It would be great to see you and your Asterisk during this trip, so please get in touch ASAP!



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There Are 4 Comments

  • We’d love to have you stop by the VICIdial home offices in St. Petersburg, Florida!

  • Hey Matt, that would be great!!
    Although we may be passing your way on a Sunday (July 1)…
    Will you open the office for us, or should we meet you elsewhere? 🙂

  • Greetings David,

    I see you’re going to be in Seattle, and as a Digium partner in the Pacific Northwest we’d love to sit down and talk bits and bytes about Asterisk.

    Have a great trip.

  • Hey Vincent, thanks for reaching out.

    We will only be passing through Seattle on a bus, but we will be at SeaTac Airport for a short time – from about 3.15pm onwards on Friday, August 17…
    So we could possibly chat over a coffee there. Would that work?

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