Tips for a Seamless Upgrade to a New Office Phone System

By Emily Arnold

When upgrading a new office phone system, arming yourself with information can guarantee an easier transition and a smoother sales process.

Digium Product Marketing Manager Matthew Hilton and Digium Account Executive Jessica Campas recently sat down to share a few tips to help you seamlessly upgrade to a new office phone system.

In the video below, they discuss the questions Jessica is frequently asked as well as outline some of the questions you should ask your salesperson. They also tackle misconceptions people often have about upgrading their office phone system, such as believing you have to be technical to be involved in the sales process, assuming an upgrade to a new office phone system will be expensive or thinking there will be a steep learning curve once the system is installed.

Matthew and Jessica also address often overlooked items, such as hallway phones and existing provider contracts, that could cause a headache if not discovered early in the process. Plus, they provide pointers on how to get the best price on your new phone system.

Watch the video now to arm yourself with the information you need to guarantee a seamless upgrade to a new office phone system.

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