Partner Spotlight: LeBlanc Communications

By Judie Powell

We like to spotlight Digium’s many trusted resellers and help our prospective customers get to know the partners who are certified to help them find a better communications solution with Digium products and solutions. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our top partners, LeBlanc Communications. 

LeBlanc Communications is a leading provider of telephone and computer network equipment, software, and services in Connecticut and New York. For more than two decades, they have been the go-to company for thousands of customers who need to install, maintain, repair, or upgrade their critical communications infrastructure. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Michael LeBlanc, founder and CEO, to discuss his business and why they chose to partner with Digium.

After a 10 year partnership with 3Com, LeBlanc Communications was left looking for a new telephony vendor. They had a great relationship with 3Com and were looking for another vendor who offered a strong, personal relationship as well as a product that would fill the void in their portfolio. After much searching, LeBlanc decided that Digium was the solution their company needed.

Here are the top 2 reasons why LeBlanc Communications enjoys being a Digium Partner:

1. Relationship

Having a strong business relationship with a vendor was important to Michael and his team. They were looking for a vendor that would come along beside them to ensure success. Having a channel team that is easily accessible and that they can trust was key. Digium’s Partner Program has provided a phenomenal channel team which they have formed a great relationship with and that has become what Michael calls a “business friendship.” Digium helps LeBlanc with pricing assistance, RFP’s, references, and demos.

2. Product

Michael had seen other vendor catalogs which had page after page of SKUs that would complicate the sales process. With Switchvox, there are only a handful of part numbers needed for a quote, which simplifies the sales process. Switchvox has all-inclusive features without crazy licensing fees. It’s also easy to install and easy to use, making it simple but powerful.

Looking to the Future

Michael’s business has seen three stages in the last 24 yrs. The first eight years of business were mainly focused on IT support. The next eight years were focused mainly on 3Com. The last 8 years have been spent with Digium. He’s never been happier as a business owner with his staff and a product that they trust.

“I never have to doubt that the company that is standing behind me will be there for me. It’s the products, the people, pricing, future technology, innovation. It’s truly the best partnership we’ve ever had.” – Michael.

Partner with Digium

Digium values the relationships we have with our partners like LeBlanc Communications. To learn more about becoming a Digium partner, check out our website.

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  • John Snelling says:

    The team at Leblanc Communications is hands down the best telecom company I have worked with!

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