5 Ways to Save When Buying a Phone System

By Michelle Caudle

Comparing costs and features when buying a phone system can be exceedingly difficult without the proper resources. Luckily, Switchvox Product Marketing Manager Matthew Hilton sat down with Digium Account Executive Jessica Campas to share with us five tips on saving money when buying a new phone system!

Watch the full interview below or keep scrolling for an overview of Jessica’s top five tips.


1. Take a Good Look at Your Existing Carrier

When considering buying a phone system, it is important that you understand how to ask the right questions. First, take a good look at your existing carrier and evaluate what you are currently paying each month and year. Consider your budget flexibility when making the change to a new system. If you are already receiving a great deal, you may want to consider looking into phone systems that work with your current provider.

2. Review Long-Term Costs

This is another circumstance when asking the right questions can make a huge difference in the amount of money leaving your pocket. Often times, the initial cost given to you by a new provider will seem very attractive, but it is important to never rely solely on the initial quote. Do not be afraid to ask each vendor about long-term costs of ownership, even as far in advance as three to five years. A few key questions to consider when analyzing long-term costs are the costs of technical support (particularly after hours support), and the cost of on-site assistance in the event of natural disasters or other events that require protective preparation.

3. Ask About the Cost of Specific Extra Features

Determine which features are necessary to be included with your phone system, and ask specific questions to your provider about the possible additional cost of each feature. For example, auto attendants (also known as interactive voice response or IVRs) are an increasingly popular and necessary feature for many customers. However, many initial quotes given by a new provider will only account for one IVR, and will not provide any after-hours support without an additional payment. Other popular features with prices that are commonly exempted from the initial quote are mobile apps, call recording, and additional phones, which can drastically increase the overall price of a new system. To avoid having to pay for additional features and increasing your overall phone system cost, ask your provider if they have a phone system with an all-inclusive feature set like Switchvox.

4. Evaluate What You are Currently Using

When observing your current carrier bill, determine which features you are willing to continue paying for in the future, and which features might be an unnecessary expense. Or, consider buying a phone system with all features included for one price, like Switchvox, so that you can have all of the features you need without having to make sacrifices.

5. Consider Buying a Phone System That You Can Manage Yourself

Value-added resellers and partners are great for initial configurations and training, but what if you just need to make a minor, one-time change to your system? Using a system that you can manage yourself will save you from paying a value-added reseller more money and will potentially save you time and effort as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for a 30-day trial to make sure that you can operate and manage the system on your own!


Buying a phone system is a far less complicated process when you prepare with research and understand exactly what you want out of a new solution. When you approach a new provider with confidence, and you know how to ask the right questions, you are far less likely to be tricked into paying for more than you need.

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