3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your PBX Software Regularly

By Matthew Hilton

Do you know what version of software your phone system is running? Better yet, do you know the latest version of the software that’s available? If your phone system isn’t running the latest available version, what’s stopping it from doing so?

These may seem like mundane questions for phone system servers that mainly setup and connect calls together, but being on the latest software release improves your system’s security, performance, and functionality, which can directly impact customer and employee satisfaction.

Here are three reasons why you should keep your PBX software up-to-date.

Increased System Security

When you run older software versions, you’re likely missing critical service patches and security updates for your system. In the wake of multiple hardware-level security flaws being disclosed in recent months, it’s clear that closing as many known security issues as possible is in your organization’s best interest.

It would be embarrassing if your organization suffered a data breach due to a security flaw with available patches. But, if it was a known issue with a known fix that simply wasn’t applied, that is an even more concerning issue.

Vendors put in the effort to make sure their products have been patched, so make the time to apply the updates as soon as you can.

Improved Performance

Oftentimes, software-level fixes resolve smaller, less pervasive, but still aggravating, issues that may affect your PBX. These types of releases are often called “dot releases” because they are incremental software versions that indicate a smaller fix has been made to a standard version number (i.e. 6.7.1). Sometimes several dot releases are seen before the software releases its next version. Here’s an example of a dot release:

In version 6.1.0, pressing *8675309* at any time into your handset causes your phone to reboot, regardless of whether you are on an active call or not.

However, in version 6.1.1, pressing *8675309* while on an active call does nothing, which is the expected behavior.

If your PBX is experiencing odd or unexpected behavior, always check to see if there is a new software release available. Upgrading to the latest version may fix the issues you are having.

New Features & Functionality

New features and functionality are often included in each software release. By updating to the latest version, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your investment and that you have the newest features available for your platform.

How to Update Your Switchvox PBX Software

With Switchvox, checking and upgrading to the latest version of software is easy. Simply log into the admin portal, and under the Server menu, select Updates. This page will display your current version number, the latest version available, and even provide a link to release notes so you can see what updates or fixes have been included in each new version.

updating switchvox software

If your system is out of support and you are unable to update it, contact your local Digium partner or call us directly to learn about your available support options so you can keep your Switchvox PBX operating at its full potential.

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