How to Add Your Company Logo to Digium D-Series Phones

By Matthew Hilton

One feature of the Digium D-Series phones that Switchvox users love is the ability to customize the display on each phone. This allows businesses to personalize their phones with images, such as a company logo, giving a more professional appearance to their handsets. With Switchvox, not only is setting up new phones with your customized image simple, but even changing and updating the image is quick and easy.

To get started, open the Switchvox Administrator Suite. Use the Setup menu dropdown and select Modify Templates.

For this example, we’ll change the Default template, so if you have multiple templates available, you may have to edit more than one. Click the pencil icon next to the template you wish to edit.

Modify Templates on D-Series Phones

This will take you to the Modify Extension Template screen. To make our adjustments to the D-Series phone background image, first click on the Phone Settings tab. The Digium Phones sub-tab should automatically appear.

Modify Extension Template Screen on D-Series Phones

From here, click on the Upload Image button next to the top-right corner of the existing Idle Screen image, select your file, and when you’re finished, remember to click the Save Extension Template button. This updates the template so that new extensions will use your new image.

But what about existing users and extensions? To update them, we’ll use the Bulk-Modify tool found in the Setup menu under Extensions > Manage.

Select the group(s) or extension(s) you wish to modify. Then, under the Phone Extension field, select the Phone Settings tab. From the dropdown, select Idle Screen, then click the Next button.

Bulk Modify Selections Screen on D-Series Phones


Follow the same steps as above to upload your image. Then, click Add, and when you’re ready to update your phones, click Save Modifications. Soon, your users’ phones will update, and your new image will display on their idle screen.

Next Steps

What other customizations have you made to your Switchvox deployment and IP phones? Comment your best ideas below! Don’t forget to follow Digium on social media to stay updated with the latest product news!

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