VoIP Phone System Cleans Up Communications

By Mac McCarver

Cleaning supply manufacturer Swish Maintenance ran into a mess while planning to open dozens of new branches in less than a year. They realized that their existing phone system could not satisfy their communication needs, and the legacy system did not support the upgrades necessary to connect the separate branches and warehouses of the business. For their growing organization, price was a chief concern. Their company’s communication was operating from a single PBX at their headquarters in Toronto. Every branch had separate phone numbers that incurred long distance charges for calls between offices and warehouses. A VoIP phone system was the obvious solution to these concerns with its flexible connectivity and cost efficiency.

Upgrading to VoIP Phone System Connectivity

This prompted a search for both a product and a value-added reseller to help design and deploy the new system. Connectivity was their highest priority. In their search they found Golden Integrated Solutions (GIS), a Digium partner. GIS helped them decide which VoIP phone system was right for their business and designed the infrastructure needed to support their current operations as well as future growth. Amazingly, GIS was able to provide this superior service while beating the bids of every competitor. In fact, they were even able to provide additional network services while staying under budget.

Switchvox For the Win

GIS had been working with Asterisk, the open source telephone system software, for years before reselling Switchvox, Digium’s streamlined Asterisk-based VoIP phone system. Familiar with how powerful Asterisk software is, GIS knew that Switchvox was just what Swish needed. Packed with all the call center functionality and mobility features included right out of the box, Switchvox was able to revolutionize the way Swish Maintenance communicates.

VoIP Phone System Cleans Up Communications

To learn more about how a Switchvox VoIP phone system helped Swish Maintenance, read the full success story here!  



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