Phones for Asterisk – Unboxing the A30 [Video]

By Mac McCarver

Need IP phones for Asterisk to complete your PBX setup?

Asterisk, the open source telephony software and development tool, is known and relied upon by millions for both its versatility and power. It is the gold standard among Linux-based phone system software. But even the most sophisticated phone software is useless to its users without the ability to actually, you know, make and receive calls on. So, which phones for Asterisk do you choose for your deployment?

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll notice the market is saturated with low cost handset options. This can make choosing between different models more frustrating than choosing the underlying software. But, there is a line of affordable phones for Asterisk that should stick out to you. The A-Series IP phones from Digium have some major advantages over their competitors in the marketplace.

Essential Features for a Price to Fit Any Budget

Just because these handsets have an economical price tag doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing functionality. From feature keys for speed dialing to Power over Ethernet (PoE), not to mention up to six line appearances, the A-Series line of IP phones for Asterisk makes sure you have all the essential features you need at the price you can afford. You even get a full-color display on each and every model! These phones start at –brace for it– just $59. And with the backing of Digium, you know they are quality phones.

Support the Project with your Purchase of Phones for Asterisk

Best of all, while building out your custom system, you can support the Asterisk project. This is because every purchase of the A-Series phones for Asterisk from Digium, the primary sponsor and maintainer of Asterisk, supports the open source project. In fact, the “A” in A-Series stands for Asterisk! You can have peace of mind knowing that your purchase helps to further the mission of the world’s most popular open source telephony toolkit.

Watch David Duffett, worldwide Asterisk community director, unbox the Digium A-Series A30 Handset!

To learn more about the A-Series Phones for Asterisk, check out our website.


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