One Final Farewell

By Danny Windham

Today marks a very significant day in the life of Digium, as the acquisition by Sangoma will soon be closed. The transition of Digium into its new family creates a host of opportunities for changes and allows for the transition of the company into a larger and stronger competitor – serving customers on a worldwide stage.

The new Digium/Sangoma combination will create a powerhouse in the enterprise value-based communications segment, taking both companies further than either could have gone alone. While this forthcoming chapter creates a new, stronger company, it brings with it many challenges. However, the Digium I know and respect has never backed away from a mission just because it was difficult.

Over the years, Digiumites (my term of endearment for the Digium employees) have bravely faced many changes, and in the process built three new significant businesses from scratch. Digium has evolved from a small-scale hardware developer to one with a world-class quality level supplying products to some of the planet’s largest companies. Then, evolved from a business model that was predominately hardware-based to one that was predominately software-based. Then, evolved yet again to become a provider of cloud-based communications services.

Through these evolutions, Digiumites have made lots of changes, and I know they can do it again – maybe even better than ever before. Because through each iteration, there are a number of strongly held values and virtues that have served the company well, that I fully expect to remain as cornerstones upon which all future transitions are built. Qualities such as treating everyone with the same level of respect, serving customers as if they are the ones paying the salaries, always doing the honorable thing – even if it’s the road less traveled, standing by coworkers in their times of need, recognizing the importance of balance between life and work, and recognizing that positively impacting the community is an important element of success. All of these are staples of who Digium has been. That is why I believe the spirit of Digium will carry on, and its people will continue to excel in all future endeavors.

As CEO, it has been a true honor and pleasure to lead such a capable and committed staff. Please know I have so much respect and admiration for the team we’ve assembled here – and have enjoyed working with each and every person. I wish all Digiumites and the new Sangoma family only the best, and look forward to seeing what you can accomplish together.



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  • Danny: you are a strong, wonderful leader, and you have made Digium what it is today. You should be beyond proud of what you’ve accomplished. It’s an honor to work with you.

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Danny Windham joined Digium in February, 2007 as CEO. In this role, Windham was responsible for setting corporate strategy and executing day to day business operations.Prior to joining Digium, Windham served as president and chief operating officer of ADTRAN, a global provider of networking and communications equipment. Windham joined ADTRAN in 1989 following ADTRAN's successful acquisition of Processing Telecom Technologies, a company Windham co-founded in 1986. Prior to becoming president/COO in 2005, Windham served as the senior vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Networks Division.Windham holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University where he was named a Distinguished Engineering Fellow in 2001 and also holds an MBA from Florida Tech.

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