How Are Companies Adopting VoIP Tech?

By Mac McCarver

Adoption rate of VoIP technology is steadily rising in the US, but this trend is not the same everywhere.  Alejandro Gutierrez is the owner and director of Tech 4 Canada, a value-added reseller providing VoIP tech and training to get businesses off on the right foot with Unified Communications. While at Digium headquarters in Huntsville, AL, for Asterisk training, he sat down to discuss this issue with Brian Ferguson.

Gutierrez feels that three things are necessary for people in deciding to adopt VoIP tech: knowledge, good service, and affordable equipment. In order to want VoIP, they must have an awareness of what it can do for them. They must also live in the service area of reliable VoIP service providers. And to ensure a good experience in adopting VoIP tech, these providers must be able to not only provide dependable service but also affordable equipment and proper training.

Industry analysts found that only 43% of companies who adopted VoIP were happy with its implementation. This is due, in large part, to a lack of training both for the end users as well as resellers who are implementing this VoIP tech.

Because they only know how to use a fraction of their new phone system’s features, they assume that the functionality is limited. Without knowing what their system is capable of, users may feel as though their organization has taken a step back in adopting VoIP tech compared to the old phone system whose features and functions were well known.

Additionally, infrastructure for the new VoIP tech must be ready beforehand, especially a server sufficiently sized for the new bandwidth requirements.

One way to ensure satisfaction in the deployment of VoIP tech is a thorough needs analysis to identify which features a business really needs and ensure that proper training is scheduled for users on that feature and on basic functioning of the new VoIP tech.


Watch the full discussion below for more insight into the process of adopting VoIP as the basis of your business phone system.


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