AstriCon Still Rocks!

By Jim Machi


A couple of weeks ago, I attended AstriCon 2018.  It had been 13 years since I’d been to an AstriCon.  There is still a lot of orange around.  A lot. Even orange pants.  And there are still engineer shenanigans at night. Some of it is on social media.  It’s just, well, very engineering oriented and stuff you likely would not find at say a sales kick-off.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Back then, I went because I wanted to find out more about Asterisk and getting the Dialogic boards supported with Asterisk.  That never happened for reasons I will not discuss here.  As such, I never returned.  Circumstances have now conspired such that I found myself there this year.  But that gap gave me a good viewpoint on AstriCon itself!

Regarding AstriCon, obviously a lot has changed.  The curiosity types (like I was back then) are gone.  There are still developers there, but many of them now depend on Asterisk and are there to learn how Asterisk will continue to support them.  And there is a mature ecosystem there now, even with mini-booths, to support the developers who attend, since these developers are creating solutions, and to create a solution you need a lot of other elements.  Hence, an ecosystem.

There are now people running businesses using Asterisk as a platform.  Back then, this was all still fledgling. But it’s real now; it’s mature, and it’s still growing.  It was good to see that the excitement and passion is still there though. Yes, the open source community is still a strong-minded and passionate bunch.  And there is still much more to do….

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