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Bekah Reed began at Digium as a marketing intern in 2011. She currently manages Digium's marketing automation programs for email campaigns, landing pages and demand generation efforts. You can also find Bekah actively participating in Spiceworks' VoIP Group and on all of Digium's social media pages. She enjoys marketing research and loves the challenge of finding new ways to tweak and improve an existing process. If you get a chance to meet her, be sure to avoid using her full first name "Rebekah." As many of her co-workers can attest, she MUCH prefers to be called "Bekah."

Do You Know a SysAdmin in Need of Support?

By Bekah Reed

Do you know how to define the term ‘SysAdmin? Never heard of it? OK… how about System Administrator? Still not sure? Think of the person you go to when you

UC Has You Covered on Leave the Office Earlier Day – and Any Other Day

By Bekah Reed

Have you heard? Today, June 2nd, is the official Leave the Office Earlier Day. Invented by Laura Stack, author and employee productivity specialist, the day is designed to motivate overworked,

Is UC killing email? 5 reasons a phone call is better than email.

By Bekah Reed

While I was in the midst of writing a very “wordy” email to a co-worker, another member of our marketing team shared an article with me entitled, “Are We at