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5 Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day

By Betsy Pruitt

No matter what your relationship status is this Valentine’s Day, Switchvox has the features to help you survive the holiday. Here are five quick reasons why you’ll love Digium’s award-winning

Chill out with Mark Spencer

By Betsy Pruitt

Mark Spencer is a pretty cool guy. In case you don’t know, he’s the founder of Digium and the mastermind behind Asterisk, the world’s most popular open-source communications platform. Impressive,

Gifts for Geeks – Treat Yourself!

By Betsy Pruitt

What’s the biggest holiday shopping trend this year?  Buying gifts for yourself. Yup, that’s right! Or, as they’d say on Parks and Recreation, “Treat. Yo. Self!” At Digium, we gathered

Small Business Tax Deductions for 2012 – Are you taking advantage of Section 179?

By Betsy Pruitt

One of the best small business tax deductions for 2012 is Section 179 for qualifying equipment purchases. In fact, it can actually enhance your bottom line. Instead of depreciating your

Why Unified Communications? (NEW Infographic Explains)

By Betsy Pruitt

If you’ve been asking, “Why Unified Communications?” – the answer is simple. UC saves your business time and money – 115 minutes a day per employee. As this Unified Communications Infographic shows, that adds up to $920,000 a year in savings for a company with 100 employees.