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The Benefit of Simple Design for Communication Apps

By Billy Chia

Communications is growing in new and innovative ways. Products like Respoke are enabling the next generation of communications solutions with the ability to add WebRTC (Web Real-time Communications) voice and video

First Ever AstriCon Hackathon at This Year’s Event

By Billy Chia

Get ready for the first ever AstriCon Hackathon! A worldwide community of designers, developers, and communications technologists will be gathering to create, code, and design apps built on Asterisk, Respoke,

Asterisk Live: OptiCaller

By Billy Chia

OptiCaller is an application designed for mobile phones that works together with Asterisk. This week on Asterisk Live I had the privilege to speak with OptiCaller’s CTO, Jörgen Steijer. Using OptiCaller´s

Asterisk Live: Meet ALICE, WinTech’s Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

By Billy Chia

WinTech CTO Mike Yoder is our most recent featured guest on Asterisk Live. Mike talks about the innovative ALICE virtual receptionist kiosk. Fueled by Asterisk, the ALICE receptionist greets visitors in a business lobby

Asterisk Live: Aptus, User Solutions

By Billy Chia

Today on Asterisk Live I had the privilege of interviewing Feras Al-Taher, CTO of Aptus, along with Max Bin Mahmood, their Technical Advocate. Aptus provides a user portal for Asterisk that