Brian Ferguson

Product Marketing Manager, Switchvox

Improve Your Company’s Customer Experience with Switchvox 6.2

By Brian Ferguson

There is nothing more important to a company than the customer experience it delivers.  How a customer interacts with company employees and systems can make or break sales and has

Bringing Enterprise-level Technology to Small Business

By Brian Ferguson

Throughout history, there has been a significant difference in the quality of technology available for large, enterprise companies compared to small businesses.  New, feature-rich, cutting edge technology systems were reserved

Faxing Over IP: Why is This So Difficult?

By Brian Ferguson

Evaluating, purchasing and implementing a Unified Communications (UC) system is a big project with its share of technical and financial considerations to make. While some UC deployments can seem complex,

5 Common SIP Trunking Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

By Brian Ferguson

SIP Trunking has changed the way companies pay for phone service.  Today, over 66% of companies have adopted SIP Trunking and are saving up to 70% off their monthly phone

3 Ways UC Improves Employee Work-Life Balance

By Brian Ferguson

It’s not easy to find a healthy balance between our work and personal lives. For most of us, our jobs provide the means to support ourselves and our family.  A typical