Bill Wignall

President and Chief Executive Officer

About the Author

As Sangoma President and CEO, Bill leads the company in the execution of its growth strategy. Before joining Sangoma, he held the role of President and CEO at Truition Inc., a developer and marketer of e-commerce software. Prior to that, he was President and CEO of Electronics Workbench - a supplier of design, development, and simulation software for electronics engineering – where he guided the company through an aggressive growth and rebranding phase that culminated in the sale of the company to National Instruments. Bill has served in senior management roles throughout his career at companies ranging in size from start-ups to Northern Telecom, BNI, and Telezone.

Sangoma and Digium: Looking to the Future

By Bill Wignall

As of this morning, Sangoma’s transformative acquisition of Digium is now complete, and the two companies have started to merge. I am excited about this milestone and the opportunities it