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Most Common Sysadmin Pet Peeves

By Digium Content Marketing Team

  Every position in every industry of business has a set of common pet peeves, whether they derive from customers, partners, coworkers, or technology. Some of the most common pet

11 Reasons System Administrators Love Switchvox

By Digium Content Marketing Team

When a system administrator is tasked with upgrading a business phone system, there are several boxes to check when comparing solutions. Employees care about features and integrations, managers care about

Office Perks Employees Really Want and SMBs Can Afford to Offer

By Digium Content Marketing Team

For small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), it can be tough to compete with larger companies when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees – unless you know what employees really

Healthcare Facilities Choose Switchvox UC Phone System

By Digium Content Marketing Team

As legacy phone systems continue to reach their end of life, more and more businesses are replacing them with Unified Communications (UC) solutions to enhance business communications and save on

5 Ways Your Business Can Use Call Recording

By Digium Content Marketing Team

Many types of businesses – such as law offices and real estate agencies – rely on call recording for compliance and legal purposes. However, there are several uses and advantages