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Jessica Campas has her head in the clouds... in a good way! As Cloud Product Marketing Manager, she oversees all product and marketing strategy for cloud/hosted services. She has been with Digium, a Sangoma company, since 2014. Prior to her current position, she acquired extensive product knowledge from her roles both as a pre-sales Solution Specialist and as an Account Executive, specializing in professional product demonstrations for both channel partners and end users.

Vacation Mode: UC Tricks for Workaholics on Vacation

By Jessica Campas

It’s been proven time and time again that taking a vacation from the office boosts productivity upon return, while also improving mental stability and overall happiness. Traveling with family and

How FAXStation Brings Healthcare to the 21st Century

By Jessica Campas

Last week I unfortunately found myself at the pediatrician’s office. My son needed a prescription cream, and the doctor needed to fax the prescription to the pharmacy in order for

5 Ways a Hosted Phone System Can Help Small Businesses Succeed

By Jessica Campas

Walking around and browsing the small businesses of the historic downtown areas of any city is an increasingly popular weekend activity across America. Especially with millennials, these older areas are

3 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a Hosted Phone System

By Jessica Campas

Statistics show that most of you reading this are subscribed to some sort of monthly service or delivery of goods. Music and video streaming services, meal kits, delivery of home

5 Ways Attorneys Can Improve Client Communication

By Jessica Campas

For attorney offices, clients are the lifeblood, the heartbeat, and the driving source of all that you do. Your clients are depending on you during a sensitive time, such as