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Help for Hurricane Victims

By Jim Butler

In the days following Hurricane Sandy, we have been staying in touch with many of our friends, customers and partners throughout the northeast who have been without essentials such as

Is the time right to join Digium’s partner program?

By Jim Butler

If you are actively selling VoIP or custom communications solutions, and you aren’t part of Digium’s partner program, we want to talk with you. A lot has changed in the

Digium Replacement for 3Com NBX and VCX

By Jim Butler

Since HP’s acquisition of 3Com, HP made the decision to discontinue the popular NBX and VCX IP PBX platforms. While some customers will elect to keep their systems until they

Digium’s Telecom Stimulus Act

By Jim Butler

Congress recently passed the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Did you happen to notice the incentives for businesses to invest in their phone systems? We didn’t either. Therefore, Digium®

Growing Sales in a Tough Economy

By Jim Butler

Many years ago, I accepted a sales position which required me to relocate from Chicago IL to Dallas TX. As a frequent traveler, I had a relationship with a trusted