Julie Webb

Marketing Communications Director

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Julie Webb is the Marketing Communications (MARCOM) Director at Digium. She joined the company in January 2005 after spending many years in the telecommunications industry. Julie and her team are responsible for corporate branding and events, most notably AstriCon.

Healthcare Providers Benefit from UC with Switchvox Phone System

By Julie Webb

Healthcare professionals are constantly on the move, requiring communication tools that provide instant access to vital information and quick access to colleagues and patient care teams. Unified communications (UC) helps provide

Dog Days of Digium Kicks-off Support for 2016 Philanthropy Project

By Julie Webb

It’s a monumental day at Digium – but not for the reason you might expect. Today, we opened our doors to some of our favorite four-legged friends for the Dog Days

UC: Schools Making the Grade by Upgrading to VoIP

By Julie Webb

School systems face a multitude of challenges when considering transitioning from a legacy phone system to a more advanced unified communications (UC) solution. From tight budget mandates to lack of IT resources, selecting and

Call Center Solution: Keeping the trucking companies, trucking

By Julie Webb

What does a heavy-volume call center do when their call capacity overwhelms their existing phone system? They get moving and start the search for a more affordable and flexible solution – one that

Hosting Service Looks to Asterisk for Customization

By Julie Webb

“Asterisk is the most customizable telecom framework for PBX systems on the planet,” says Peter Howell of Mecca Hosting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mecca Hosting started as a domain name