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is Digium’s Asterisk Technical Trainer. Before joining Digium in 2013, Justin spent seven years performing various roles related to training and technical support in a large corporate contact center environment. Justin holds a BS from University of North Alabama. When he isn’t grepping security logs, Justin is playing vintage video games with his wife and five-year-old son, or practicing his disc golf drive.

Digium’s Certified Asterisk Training Now Available in Mexico

By Justin Hester

Toga Soluciones is bringing Digium’s certified Asterisk Training Program to Mexico City. Toga Soluciones, a Digium distributor and partner since 2014, is now offering the Asterisk Fast Start and Advanced

How to Install Asterisk 13 and PJSIP on CentOS 6

By Justin Hester

With the release of a certified branch of Asterisk 13, the Asterisk training team decided now is the time to provide a brief set of “install from source” instructions. What

Tech 4 Canada Set to Deliver Asterisk Training

By Justin Hester

Tech 4 Canada is serious about Asterisk. So serious that when CTO Alejandro Gutierrez assessed options for providing communications technology training to his customers, he established a lab to teach the official

How to Become a Digium Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP)

By Justin Hester

In the rapidly changing world of unified communications, one exam gives you the props to say: “I am a force of nature”. You are primitive, raw, fundamental and on target