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Digium’s New Asterisk Community Support Manager: Rusty Newton

By Kevin P. Fleming

We’d like you all to help us welcome Rusty Newton to Digium’s Asterisk development and community support team! Rusty has been with Digium for over five years, starting in the

Asterisk 11 Development: WebRTC/RTCWeb support

By Kevin P. Fleming

Early in 2012, the Asterisk development team at Digium got together to put together a list of projects we wanted to complete for the upcoming release of Asterisk 11. As

Oh Certified Asterisk, Where Do You Come From?

By Kevin P. Fleming

(Wherein Kevin explains how Asterisk branching, tagging and releases work, and how Certified Asterisk fits into the picture… with an actual picture!) A couple of days ago, Malcolm Davenport posted

Asterisk 1.4 and Asterisk 1.6.2: End-Of-Life Approaching

By Kevin P. Fleming

Well, it’s almost here. Asterisk 1.4 was released in December of 2006, and was later deemed the first ‘Long Term Support’ release of Asterisk, when that policy was put in

Asterisk Open Source – Now with more Long Term Support!

By Kevin P. Fleming

Starting with this year’s release of Asterisk 11 (scheduled for October, just in time for AstriCon), the Asterisk release policy will be changed in order to provide Long Term Support