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Digium lifer, celebrator of 17 Digium birthdays, and Digium employee #4. "I like te-lephony and I cannot lie. You other vendors can't deny; When a call comes in with MOS so you can't hear and some echo in your ear you get angry!" - Sir Mix-a-Malcolm

Stop Calling, I’m trying to listen to Music

By Malcolm Davenport

Okay, this is sort of product related, but it’s also a bit on the fun side. (this posting inspired by the shoutout Russell gave me on the commit list, detailed

Fun with HPEC

By Malcolm Davenport

What in the world is HPEC? I briefly mentioned it yesterday, but I’ll do a little bit more elaboration here. We’ve written a number of open source echo cancelers, all

New Products, Hooray

By Malcolm Davenport

Howdy, Malcolm Davenport, product management for boards and appliance products, here. Last Friday was very exciting as we saw the release of not one, not two, but three new products.