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Digium lifer, celebrator of 17 Digium birthdays, and Digium employee #4. "I like telephony and I cannot lie. You other vendors can't deny; When a call comes in with MOS so you can't hear and some echo in your ear you get angry!" - Sir Mix-a-Malcolm

Asterisk 14.0 Now Available

By Malcolm Davenport

Asterisk 14.0 Today, the Asterisk development community is pleased to release Asterisk 14, the next major release of the world’s most popular open source communications platform. Asterisk 14 continues the

Ready for Asterisk 14? Second Beta Released

By Malcolm Davenport

The next great release of Asterisk, version 14, is well on its way to completion thanks to the wonderful efforts of the members of the Asterisk development community.  At the

New Digium IP Phones are Now Available

By Malcolm Davenport

Digium is pleased to announce the release of a new series of Digium IP Phones. The models included in this new D6x series are the D60 value phone, the D62

DPMA 2.1 for Digium Phones

By Malcolm Davenport

Aloha, Just in time for this year’s Astricon, we’ve got another release of DPMA for Digium phones, version 2.1, now available for users. Included along with a couple of minor

Digium Phones Get Smarter

By Malcolm Davenport

Howdy, Attention Asterisk integrators, there’s a new phone firmware! Yay! And a new release of DPMA to support it. Double yay! What’s the good hubbub? Murray’s word on the street