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Matt Jordan is an Engineering Manager for the Open Source Software team at Digium, working on Asterisk. Matt joined the team in 2011, and since then has been involved in the development of both Asterisk and the Asterisk Test Suite. His background in software development can best be described as "eclectic", having worked in a variety of industries. Uniting the various experiences, however, is a firm belief in good software development practices and methodologies and the effect they have on producing quality software (and keeping software developers from going insane).

Asterisk 12 Part IV: The SIP Stack of the Future

By Matt Jordan

Hello again! Last time we looked at Asterisk 12 was way back on August 30. Since then, a lot has happened – namely, AstriCon!  You may have read just a

Asterisk 12 Part III: Unleashing the Alpha

By Matt Jordan

Previously, we discussed the development efforts that went into Asterisk 12, including the new SIP stack based on Teluu’s PJSIP, the standardization of the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI), and the

Asterisk 12 Part II: SIP and APIs

By Matt Jordan

In a previous blog post, we discussed the development goals for Asterisk 12 – namely a new SIP stack and improved APIs – and how the Asterisk community arrived at

Asterisk Developer Community – Making a Difference

By Matt Jordan

For the past few months, much of the Asterisk Developer Community has been hard at work on Asterisk 12. While our focus has been on the major changes going into

Asterisk 12 Part I: In The Beginning…

By Matt Jordan

Asterisk 12 is just around the corner, and over the next few months we’ll have a series of blog posts covering the major new features and changes in this upcoming