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Matt Jordan is an Engineering Manager for the Open Source Software team at Digium, working on Asterisk. Matt joined the team in 2011, and since then has been involved in the development of both Asterisk and the Asterisk Test Suite. His background in software development can best be described as "eclectic", having worked in a variety of industries. Uniting the various experiences, however, is a firm belief in good software development practices and methodologies and the effect they have on producing quality software (and keeping software developers from going insane).

Developing in Asterisk: The Asterisk 11 Configuration Framework

By Matt Jordan

This post on the Digium blog represents the first in a new series, “Developing in Asterisk”, focusing on (of all things) Asterisk development. The topics will explore building things inside

Asterisk 11 Development: The Motive for chan_motif

By Matt Jordan

If you’ve been watching the Asterisk trunk subversion repository lately, you may have noticed a new channel driver suddenly appear: chan_motif. And you may have asked, yourself, “Motif? What’s a

Asterisk 11 Development: Call IDs for Asterisk Logs

By Matt Jordan

The beta of Asterisk 11 is rapidly approaching, and we thought we’d highlight some of the features that have been added to Asterisk in this new major release. Previously, Kevin