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Mac McCarver is the Content Creation Manager at Digium. His chief responsibility in this role is the creation of engaging content for distribution on all of Digium’s platforms. He graduated with honors from the University of North Alabama with a BA in English Literature. For his efforts, he was selected for membership in Sigma Tau Delta, the international honor society for distinguished achievement in English language, literature, and writing.

Why Phone System User Experience is Important

By Mac McCarver

Ever tried to open a door with a vertical handle by pulling it, only to find it’s a “push door”? Or a door with an obvious “push” handle that inexplicably

The Place of VoIP Firewalls in Your Network

By Mac McCarver

In a previous blog, we described the concept and purpose of a session border controller (SBC). An SBC ensures the security of a PBX network. But implementing an SBC into

Session Border Controllers – The Standard for VoIP Security

By Mac McCarver

In the Unified Communications (UC) market, you hear a lot about the future because Voice over IP (VoIP) is the direction communication is headed. It wasn’t too long ago that

What is Presence in Unified Communications?

By Mac McCarver

It’s Wednesday in the office. The phone rings; oh, just a fax, which very loudly starts printing out. You have a question for a coworker, but you see their office

What is Virtualization?

By Mac McCarver

There has been a lot of buzz about cloud computing for well over a decade, and it continues to be adopted by companies in every industry for a variety of