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Steven Sokol is co-founder and product lead for Respoke, Digium's real-time communications (WebRTC) platform and continues to serve as the director of strategic programs at Digium (aka entrepreneur in residence), identifying and capitalizing on emerging technologies.. He has previously served as the Asterisk marketing director and as a product manager. He joined Digium in the summer of 2007 when his startup was acquired. Steve co-founded both AstriCon, the annual Asterisk user conference, and the Asterisk Bootcamp training program. He lives in Kansas City.

Asterisk or Switchvox?

By Steve Sokol

Digium is the creator and primary sponsor of the Asterisk project.  Asterisk is an open source communications engine that transforms commodity computers into powerful communications servers.  Asterisk is free. Digium

Asterisk VoIP Security Webinar

By Steve Sokol

VoIP security has become a serious issue over the past several years.  We frequently hear stories of servers hacked and used to make thousands of dollars worth of calls or

Digium Launches Support For Open Source Asterisk

By Steve Sokol

Way back in September of 2008 (right about the time that the global economy was starting to go over the falls) Digium announced a number of initiatives, including commercial support

The Rumors Of Our Death…

By Steve Sokol

With Skype’s recent announcement of Skype For SIP there has been a great deal of pontification on the impending death of the not-yet-released Skype For Asterisk.  I’d like to take

AsteriskNOW 1.5 Beta Available, More Coming Soon

By Steve Sokol

Last month at AstriCon we announced the upcoming launch of AsteriskNOW 1.5, a new version of Digium’s  award winning software appliance that incorporates the FreePBX graphical user interface.  Today I’m