Inside the Asterisk

Economic Meltdown – Friend or Foe of Open Source

By Danny Windham

I considered looking at my retirement account balances today, but with the sinking feeling I got the last time I did this, I elected not to subject myself to that [...]

Digium Releases New Analog Board, AEX410

By Malcolm Davenport

Howdy, Today, Digium announces the immediate availability of the AEX410. The AEX410 is a four-port modular analog PCI-Express x1 telephony interface card for use with Asterisk. This product is a [...]

Welcome to Astricon!

By Danny Windham

It’s great to see the enthusiasm and excitement in the attendees of this year’s Astricon here in Phoenix. The outside temperature, which is approaching 100 degrees, is an apt metaphor [...]

The Ballad of Digium’s Trademark Policy

By Michelle Petrone-Fleming

The Ballad of Digium’s Trademark Policy (sung to the “The Ballad of Jed Clampett”- the theme song of “The Beverly Hillbillies”) Come and listen to a story ’bout a trademark [...]

Astricon: More than just the sessions…

By Digium Webteam

As perhaps you’ve gathered from the blogs posted here, Astricon is approaching its opening day with much fanfare and expectations.  Frantic preparations are almost complete, and everything is almost prepared [...]