Inside the Asterisk

3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your PBX Software Regularly

By Matthew Hilton

Do you know what version of software your phone system is running? Better yet, do you know the latest version of the software that’s available? If your phone system isn’t [...]

Content Taking Shape for AstriCon 2018

By David Duffett

With less than three months to go until everyone’s favorite Asterisk community event, the content is taking shape and we are getting excited for AstriCon 2018! The much-coveted speaking slots [...]

Partner Spotlight: The Fulcrum Group

By Judie Powell

At Digium, we enjoy talking to our partners to learn more about their businesses and to find why they like selling Digium products and services. Today we are highlighting The [...]

5 Ways to Save When Buying a Phone System

By Michelle Caudle

Comparing costs and features when buying a phone system can be exceedingly difficult without the proper resources. Luckily, Switchvox Product Marketing Manager Matthew Hilton sat down with Digium Account Executive [...]

Crazy Asterisk Road Trip: First week in review

By David Duffett

Time has moved so fast during the start of our Crazy Asterisk Road Trip! For those of you who haven’t heard, my daughter Holly and I are embarking on a [...]