Inside the Asterisk

Call Logs and Call History Reports: The Power They Can Provide

By Matthew Hilton

It’s time for your history lesson – your call history lesson. Sure, it’s not glamorous.  In terms of business phone system features, ‘call history’ doesn’t have the panache of a [...]

Business Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide: Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Business Phone System

By Mike Taylor

You may not realize it, but having the right business phone system can drastically improve your business. Most people don’t immediately think of investing in a new business phone system [...]

AstriCon Keynote Details Released

By David Duffett

The keynote speeches at AstriCon are a significant part of the event, and other than the all-important Wrap-Up session, Dangerous Demos and Evening Receptions, they are the only all-participant sessions [...]

AstriCon Offers Asterisk Training for Every User Level

By Julie Webb

The AstriCon pre-conference day has slowly evolved from merely commercial tracks into a more in-depth day of Asterisk training and workshops. This year, we will once again, offer Asterisk from [...]

Tangled Up In Your Data Closet? Try Virtualization.

By Matthew Hilton

For years it’s been a relatively simple process whenever you add a new piece of technology. Purchase the hardware. Run the wires. Power it up. Configure it. Then you deal [...]