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Category: Business Communications

Hidden Benefits of Small Business Phone System Virtualization

By Jim Machi

In the November 27th blog on small business phone systems and virtualization, I wrote about economics as the primary driver for why a company might want to use a virtualized phone [...]

What Can Unified Communications Merge?

By Mac McCarver

Unified Communications (UC), simply put, is a platform designed to merge all the real-time and asynchronous communication tools businesses use into a single solution. The benefits of this are great, [...]

Typical Small Business UC Deployments Today

By Jim Machi

On November 8, IHS Markit and Sangoma held a webinar titled “UCaaS and the small business: adoption and implementation.” (If you want to listen to a replay, please click here.) [...]

Why It’s So Important to Take the Day Off (and How UC Can Help!)

By Mac McCarver

The US Travel Association in its 2018 State of the American Vacation report estimates that 52% of US workers have at least one unused paid day off. It also reports [...]

Improving Customer Service with UC

By Mac McCarver

The three ‘C’s of customer service are convenience, collaboration, and communication. Unified Communications (UC), by merging business communications from many sources into one platform, elevates and bolsters each ‘C’. By [...]