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State of the Union for SMBs: Scalability and the Cloud

By Digium Content Marketing Team

  The State of the Union Address to be delivered by President Obama on Tuesday night is expected to highlight recent economic improvements, such as improved job growth and lower [...]

Business Communications Trends in 2015

By Danny Windham

A new year brings new projects, new initiatives and new challenges for IT leadership. As new technologies and new deployment models have continued to mature, businesses are becoming more willing [...]

Flu Season Highlights Role of Technology in Healthcare

By Digium Content Marketing Team

The start of the New Year means getting back to business as usual for most of us, but for many workers across the country, it also ushers in the need [...]

SysAdmins: Stand Proud and get the Recognition you Deserve!

By Julie Webb

  Are you a SysAdmin? These shareable graphics are just for you – get them now and get the recognition you deserve! If you’re not a SysAdmin, then ask yourself [...]

Is UC killing email? 5 reasons a phone call is better than email.

By Bekah Reed

While I was in the midst of writing a very “wordy” email to a co-worker, another member of our marketing team shared an article with me entitled, “Are We at [...]