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Category: Business Communications

Why Unified Communications? (NEW Infographic Explains)

By Betsy Pruitt

If you've been asking, "Why Unified Communications?" - the answer is simple. UC saves your business time and money - 115 minutes a day per employee. As this Unified Communications Infographic shows, that adds up to $920,000 a year in savings for a company with 100 employees. [...]

Can Your Phone System Do This?

By Angie Reed

Can your phone help Automate Account Billing? It’s time to consider new ways to make your phone system work for you! Are you ready to take your business phone system [...]

Microsoft plus Skype, equals Microsoft

By Danny Windham

The simple equation of the Skype acquisition: Microsoft + Skype = MICROSOFT Our industry segment is abuzz with actual and wannabe industry analysts attempting to decipher the true strategy behind [...]

Going green and orange: the colors of sustainability

By Angie Reed

At Digium, we have a saying that green is really the new orange. That’s why St. Patrick’s Day gives us one more opportunity to celebrate being green…and orange! And, whether [...]

Is your network ready for Unified Communications?

By dfaulk

As a Sales Engineer at Digium, I spend a lot of time helping customers determine if their network is suitable for VoIP & Unified Communications (UC). This is increasingly an [...]