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Tech 4 Canada Set to Deliver Asterisk Training

By Justin Hester

Tech 4 Canada is serious about Asterisk. So serious that when CTO Alejandro Gutierrez assessed options for providing communications technology training to his customers, he established a lab to teach the official [...]

Asterisk Live: Meet ALICE, WinTech’s Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

By Billy Chia

WinTech CTO Mike Yoder is our most recent featured guest on Asterisk Live. Mike talks about the innovative ALICE virtual receptionist kiosk. Fueled by Asterisk, the ALICE receptionist greets visitors in a business lobby [...]

Asterisk 12.1.0 – New Features For Asterisk Users

By Matt Jordan

On Monday, March 3rd, Asterisk 12.1.0 was officially released. In addition to fixing many bugs reported by the Asterisk community, this release contains several new features that improve the usability [...]

Leverage the Cloud and Asterisk: Watch The Benefits Rain Down

By Julie Webb

Learn How To Leverage The Cloud To Your Asterisk Advantage Businesses are learning to integrate cloud-based communications and Asterisk. Now is your opportunity to join the Asterisk community, during AstriCon [...]

Asterisk Around the World

By Steve Sokol

What can be found in more than 170 countries and has logged millions of downloads? Asterisk! The leading open source communications platform, Asterisk has provided telephony solutions for companies of [...]